The Department of Education, Skills and Employment undertakes a range of digital information assurance activities to support the delivery of employment services. Government providers may use accredited third party employment systems (TPES), developed by third party vendors such as Hivetec, to support and deliver their programs. Accreditation provides assurance that there are safeguards to protect program data and information.

Any provider choosing to use a TPES has a responsibility to ensure the system is secure before using it to process, store or communicate data relating to the delivery of Government programs. Accreditation is for the benefit of the department, and is not a warranty that a TPES is fit for its intended use or for a provider’s specific business processes. To reduce provider costs, the department works directly with TPES vendors to assess and accredit their systems. This also makes it quicker and easier for providers wishing to change TPES.


To assist providers to understand which features have been accredited, the department has worked with Hivetec to prepare an accreditation letter. This letter also details the responsibilities and security implications that providers need to address in their decision to use a TPES and securely implement it. Any feature not specified in the letter is not accredited:

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