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Bridge is at the centre of Hivetec’s product suite and integrates Customer Relationship Management, Case Management, Finance, Email Campaigns (Electronic Direct Marketing), and Event Management functionality. Its intuitive user interface is easy to navigate and, by consolidating all client and organisational information on a single page, ensures relevant information is quickly to hand.

Customer Relationship Management

Bridge CRM actively tracks and manages information related to existing and prospective organisations (e.g. enquiries, service providers, NDIA, suppliers, employers, RTOs, etc.). Information is presented on a single page, providing a complete view of the organisation, including history, key contacts, vacancies, activities, and purchase history. This page also acts as the hub where any new activity related to the organisation is transacted.

Event Management

Event Management is used to create and manage appointments, training sessions, training courses or any other configurable event. Event organisers can create standard and non-standard events and then manage the associated resources including: clients, organisations, organisation staff, internal staff, meeting rooms, vehicles, projectors – basically any scarce resource.


Bridge Finance incorporates a workflow that manages the request, approval and finalisation of purchase claims as well as quoting and invoicing related to any relationship within Bridge. Account codes are easily maintained to support external integration, such as general ledger and other government systems.

Email Campaigns

By leveraging the key contacts stored against organisations and clients, Email Campaigns allows marketing professionals to develop, distribute and track email campaigns. As part of the campaign process, marketers are able to create and manage unique and targeted distribution lists.

Case Management

The purpose of Bridge’s Case Management functionality is to streamline activities and manage the compliance requirements performed by client facing consultants. Similar to Bridge CRM, all relevant client information is presented to users on a single page where all activity can be undertaken. In Bridge, client documents and records are the outcome of activity rather than the driver.

Task Management

Tasks are Bridge’s method of informing users of required activity and promoting the adoption of best practices. Tasks are generated based on workflows and prompt users to complete required activity. Tasks reside on the relevant client, organisation and staff pages and are also summarised to allow users to quickly assess overdue and pending tasks.

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