The foundation that underpins our market leading specialised solutions can be, with minimal effort or cost, customised to help you drive your business. Our off the shelf Bridge product delivers a powerful platform for service based businesses to improve service delivery, better manage staff and drive cost efficiencies.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Client Management

Develop better organisational awareness of your customers and tailor your service delivery to their unique requirements. Staff can quickly access all customer information through Bridge’s one page customer view. Agreed customer service activity is highlighted through tasks to ensure timely delivery.

Client Feedback

Determine the information you need to gather from your clients to assess satisfaction, determine the frequency with which you need to obtain it, then automate the process through Bridge.

Link Customers With Their Network

Customer Relationship Management

Bridge’s CRM functionality is better described as Stakeholder Relationship Management. It connects your customers with the stakeholders in their network, allowing you to get a holistic understanding of your customer. It also contains all the features you would expect in a CRM to help you to turn leads into deals.




Tableau, a world leading Business Intelligence platform, is integrated into Bridge. This gives you the tools you need to turn data into insights and create, manage and distribute reports and dashboards.

Embed Best Practices


Transform the processes in written documents into workflows within Bridge. Tasks act as a targeted reminder to staff of what to do and when to do it. This compliments training to accelerate staff onboarding and staff performance.

Configurable Tasks

Configure your tasks into groups that align to your team structures and service delivery model to further assist you in driving best practices in your business.

Drive Efficiency

Capture and Analyse Activity

Bridge’s integration lets you capture comprehensive activity data. Where appropriate, Bridge allows you to capture the amount of time spent on activities, giving you the information you need to fully allocate cost structure across your services. Combined with Analytics, this enables you to target your efforts and increase profitability.

Document Management

Storing and accessing records is secure and easy with Bridge. Scanned documents are automatically attached to customer and organisational records and all file notes and attachments are searchable.

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