Satisfied customers don’t happen by accident

Every Disability Employment Services provider aims to have happy, satisfied customers.

The ideal customer is keen to share their positive experience with others during their journey, and after they have found sustainable employment. They have a genuine connection to your brand and are an advocate for your service.  This is easier said than done.

Hivetec’s forthcoming thought leadership paper will explore strategies to help you build customer loyalty and retain customers in your DES business.

Focus on customer retention and loyalty to your service. Strategies to retain existing customers and attract new customers are an investment in the long-term success of your DES business.

Research has consistently demonstrated that customer loyalty is positively correlated with both good customer experience and employee loyalty. However, recent research by Consiglio & van Osselaer (2016)* also sheds light on the phenomenon of behavioural loyalty in the face of poor service experiences. The research found that customers with lower self-confidence or self-esteem are less likely to initiate a switch to another provider. In a competitive environment, savvy organisations may attract these customers by identifying key friction points and reducing the barriers to switching from their current provider.

Learn from your areas of excellence. Every organisation has high performing staff and teams that consistently deliver results and delight customers. Do you know who these individuals are and what they do differently? How can you learn from them and replicate their approach in other areas of your business?

Position your organisation for continuous improvement and adaptation. For the first time, providers will need to identify and critically examine their competitor’s customer retention strategies. Establishing your strategies and approach to this should be a key part of your organisation’s DES implementation plan. Have you considered how you will:

  • identify what your competitors are doing?
  • respond and adapt in a way that is consistent with your philosophy and values?
  • use this intelligence to improve your own strategies?

Automate processes to improve your customer experience. Effective use of technology can help your organisation deliver a consistent, quality service to your customers. Consider the benefits of a system that:

  • automates ongoing personalised communication with your customers
  • supports your staff to deliver consistent, high quality services
  • tracks key indicators of customer satisfaction in real time.

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* Consiglio & van Osselaer (2016), The Devil You Know: Service Failures, Self-Esteem, and Behavioral Loyalty, in Rediscovering the Essentiality of Marketing: Proceedings of the 2015 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) World Marketing Congress (pp.127-128) Available at: [accessed Mar 21 2018].

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