Bridge for DES’ significant integration with ESS offers a number of benefits for DES providers. Consultants can take advantage of Bridge’s intuitive interface to better service the unique needs of their participants. Management can get control of their data and develop reporting and dashboards that highlights the drivers that they have identified deliver outcomes. Request a demo if you are a provider looking for ways to assist more participants to find sustainable employment.

Source More Placements

Email Campaigns and Event Management

Run and track targeted campaigns to employers in your regions on how they will benefit from creating a more diverse workforce. Effectively deliver events to prepare employers to fully take advantage of the unique skills that this diverse workforce will bring.

Customer Relationship Management

Build your organisational knowledge of businesses in your areas to better understand their needs. Ensure that potential employer relationships are actively managed to turn prospects into employers.


Take control of your data with Hivetec’s GovSync and then use it to drive your business with Analytics. Rather than tell you how to run your business by providing you with a series of standard reports, Hivetec gives you access to your data and the tools you need to create, manage and distribute reports and dashboards.

Place More Participants

Participant Management

Develop a better understanding of a participant’s unique goals and needs through Bridge’s single page participant view. Use tasks to ensure that desired activity is completed. Manage individualised activity such as training, skills development and mentoring natively within Bridge.

Purchase Claiming

Leverage Bridge’s Finance features to manage the financial assistance provided to assist participants in securing employment.

Increase Placement Sustainability

Post Placement and Ongoing Support

Bridge has inbuilt PPS and Ongoing Support workflows to assist you in effectively supporting participants during these stages. Bridge’s innovative In Placement view helps ensure that participants are in their appropriate phase to get the support they require to sustain employment.

Eliminate Needless Administration


Hivetec’s advanced GovSync technology eliminates the need for needless double data entry. Bridge’s compliance features allows you to allocate more time to your service delivery and less time to performing audits and preparing paperwork.

Document Management

Storing and accessing required documentary evidence is secure and easy with Bridge. Scanned documents are automatically attached to participants and all file notes and attachments are searchable on the participant page.

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