Bridge for jobactive is the most advanced certified third-party IT solution available to providers. It has been specifically designed to increase revenue, improve efficiency and mitigate compliance risks. Request a demo if you are a provider looking for ways to improve outcomes for job seekers, whilst ensuring they are meeting their obligations under the deed.

Place more job seekers 


Client Management


Bridge’s intuitive user interface consolidates all information related to a job seeker on a single page, allowing consultants to quickly ascertain how best to support job seekers. Tasks relating to job seekers are prominent, in order to prompt the completion of required activity. Bridge for jobactive fully supports Vacancy Management and simplifies education, volunteer and Work for the Dole Activity Management.

Customer Relationship Management


Bridge enables business development managers to effectively drive opportunities with potential and existing employers. Workflows allow you to integrate your sales performance management framework in the system.



GovSync not only allows Bridge for jobactive to input information into ESS, but also collects comprehensive information and stores it in your database. This, combined with an enterprise Business Intelligence platform, provides you with the information and tools you need to drive your business.


Maximise your claims 

Placement Tracking and Outcome Claiming


Bridge for jobactive has an extensive set of tools to allow you to manage your outcome claims. From quickly understanding how job seekers are tracking on the job seeker page, or Bridge’s innovative In Placement view, to our support of special claims, everything you need to ensure you maximise your outcome claims is at your fingertips.

Employment and Non-Employment Fund Claiming


The Employment Fund workflow has been embedded in Bridge Finance, providing flexibility and control over both EF and Non-EF claims. Bridge ensures that all requirements are met prior to allowing those with the appropriate permissions to lodge and drawdown claims.


Eliminate needless administration





Hivetec’s advanced GovSync technology eliminates the need for needless double data entry. Bridge’s compliance features allows you to allocate more time to your service delivery and less time to performing audits and preparing paperwork.

Police Checks


Leveraging Bridge’s integrated Police Checks means that you don’t waste time and effort on this high volume activity. Once a job seeker has been identified and a police check requested, Bridge automates its receipt, attachment to the job seeker record, claim (via EF), supplier payment and reconciliation.


Enter audits with confidence



Document Management


Storing and accessing required documentary evidence is secure and easy with Bridge. Scanned documents are automatically attached to job seekers and all file notes and attachment are searchable on the job seeker page.

Compliance Workflows


By simply completing the tasks that Bridge generates, consultants are well on their way to meeting their obligations.


Whether you are a customer or prospective partner,
we are here to serve your needs.