Bridge Care will assist service providers in transitioning from block funding to the NDIS through developing a cost analysis of the existing block funded services and enabling the client to transition from the previous price list to the NDIS price list. 

Bridge Care enables service providers to create and modify their services into packages that will enable a seamless transition to NDIS and ensure that you have the right supports allocated to claim the services provided to participants.  

Complete package management

Package Management

Manage multiple care packages along with private funding. Match activities directly with support IDs and worker skill sets.

Activity Based Scheduling

Use worker/client matching to effectively fill worker rosters. Ensure participants are matched with the support worker that best meets their needs. 

CRM / Waitlists

Build knowledge of your clients to better understand their needs. 

Integrate with My Place

Seamlessly manage finance with export ready files. 

Understand the costs of your business

Business Intelligence

Bridge Care is developed to meet the changes to the industry and provide CDC, therefore each activity conducted by the provider can be costed and measured. 

Sophisticated Reporting

Real time reports on the actual time spent on activities allows for more accurate business process decisions to be made.

Enable your business

Configurable Software

Flexible software that meets the needs of your unique business requirements. 

100% Secure

Bridge Care is hosted on an ASD and IRAP certified system.

Automate communications

Task Management

Ensure important tasks are completed by setting and monitoring within the system. 

Email Client Statements

Automate the management of monthly client statements. 

Supporting clients to live independently at home means providing them with quality services at the point of care. Bridge Care has been designed by industry experts to ensure everything is covered so workers are enabled to deliver services more efficiently to the expectations of the clients. 

Let us take care of worker/client matching, scheduling, package management and clinical assessments, so that you can focus on providing your clients with the best possible care.

Consumer Directed Care

Consumable Management

Ensure clients have all they need with the ability to order consumables at the point of care. 

Worker / Client Matching

Generate the most appropriate matches based on skill sets, certificates and preferences. 

Effectively Manage your Workforce

Scheduling and Rostering

Use worker/client matching to effectively fill worker rosters with full time, part time and casual/contract considerations. This ensures you can afford to deliver your services. 

Finance/Payroll Exports

Manage payroll and finance systems through extensive reporting capability.
Integrates with Xero seamlessly.

Manage Funding Bodies

Episode of Care

Manage multiple funding packages including private funding. Provide the right invoicing to the right funding body. 

B2B Integration

Export files to upload to multiple funding bodies.

Estimated and Actual Costings

Create a complete episode of care, which builds your service agreement and visit schedule. This provides budget versus planned versus actual expenditure in real time. 

Quality Clinical Care

Clinical Assessments

Reduce the risk of error or double handling by carrying out assessments at the point of care. 

Dynamic Care Plans

Comprehensive and configurable care plans for your clients, that ensure workers know all relevant goals, interventions and observations. 

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