We would like to congratulate the organisations that have been chosen to deliver the expanded ParentsNext program.

ParentsNext will help parents with children under 6, to plan and prepare for future study and work. Participants will meet regularly with their ParentsNext provider, and work towards education and employment goals based on a tailored Participation Plan.

As a ParentsNext provider, selecting the right case management solution for your contract will be key. With the right partner, providers can realise immediate benefits in the form of targeted marketing campaign management, verified compliance and reporting functionality and customisable workflow options.

Hivetec's System is proven to offer providers a competitive advantage and improved business performance. The system helps you track and stay connected with local services such as RTO’s, Health Care providers, Community Support agencies and Employers. Staff can easily interact with all key stakeholders and manage the wide range of tasks required for successful collaboration and service delivery.

Hivetec can help keep you connected with your ParentsNext participants, while ensuring that your organisation meets contractual compliance requirements. Automated communications, prompts, and workflows will help your staff capture referrals from partner organisations, effectively engage participants and provide a quality customer experience.

Hivetec’s flexible system allows you to build a structure around your customised processes. All critical data is logged and stored securely in one location for easy access. The system also integrates seamlessly with Government systems including ESS.


A proven system that focuses on capturing leads, generates improved loyalty from your existing customers and referral partners, and frees up your staff to offer a quality service experience.


Integrate internally developed solutions or other 3rd party applications to further enhance capabilities.



Our system ensures that you have clear visibility on key metrics to manage your ParentsNext contract efficiently.

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To leverage technology to help government funded social programs remain sustainable.


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Empower innovative service delivery models, and help eliminate unnecessary administration.


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Create, implement, and support integrated SaaS solutions that promote meaningful interactions between workers and their clients.

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