Staff Scheduling in Human Services

Staffing across multiple services: the next big challenge for human services

The Australian human services sector is diverse and complex, offering an array of supports including employment, disability, aged care, allied health, youth, family and other specialist interventions to vulnerable clients.

Human service organisations operate labour intensive services, often funded through a patchwork of federal, state and local government contracts. Each contract presents an organisation with a new set of billing, compliance, record keeping and reporting requirements. Changes in government procurement mean that these contracts are funded through a mix of grant based, outcome based, and capped price fee for service arrangements, with an increased focus on consumer choice.

In this environment, managing staff across multiple services and funding types is a major challenge facing all human services organisations. Optimising staff rostering and movements to provide clients with the right mix of skills and expertise, is the key to providing quality services, while containing costs.

However, human services require more than just the right mix skills. To deliver a quality service, staff also have to be carefully matched with clients, whose needs are unique and may change significantly over time.

Our next thought leadership paper explores these challenges in more detail, and considers how technology can be used to deliver operational efficiencies while improving the customer experience.

We look at how organisations - and clients - can benefit from integrating staff in multi-skilled teams, putting the client at the centre and allowing each team member to operate at their highest skill level.

We have sought input from Dr Guy Turnbull, Managing Director of CASA Ltd in the UK and an expert in individualised care, to provide insight in this area. Click here to read Dr Turnbull's Bio

Adopting a single, core platform for multiple contracts and service types could be a game changer for your organisation. Whether you work in one location, or provide a network of services across multiple states, Hivetec can help you simplify your operations, reduce costs and better manage service delivery to your clients.

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BIO – Dr Guy Turnbull

Dr Guy Turnbull is an award-winning, internationally recognised social entrepreneur. Vastly experienced and highly acclaimed in his field, he has been a major figure in the co-operative and social enterprise sector since 1988.

The former managing director of Care & Share Associates Limited (CASA) – an employee owned social enterprise he helped to found in 2004.  Previously Guy worked across the UK as a social economy consultant, specialising in business planning, social franchising and replication, project management, training, research and strategic planning.  This has included being involved in government policy development, planning and managing multi-million pound projects, helping establish some of the most successful social enterprises around, authored books and served as chair and trustee for a long established social investor. 

Recent achievements include:

  • Driving the growth of Care & Share Associates Limited, from start-up pioneering social franchise to £17m t/o employee owned social enterprise, weekly delivering 23,000 hours of domiciliary care across 9 territories in Northern England

  • Creating ‘RED’ (Rapid Enterprise Development Workshops) - an innovative training approach to social enterprise development with disabled people

In 2016 Guy’s work in the care sector was recognised by The Great British Care Awards where he became national winner in the ‘Outstanding Contribution To Social Care’ category.  He was also the winning UK national finalist in EY’s prestigious global competition, ‘Entrepreneur Of The Year’.  Here, the judges cited Guy’s strong clarity of direction together with success in developing a highly innovative business model that meets not just customers’ demands but also those of CASA’s employees., as winning factors.

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