Turning Your Data into Insights

Technology has made it easier and cheaper to gather data across multiple dimensions of business activities.  This data represents a valuable asset which many organisations fail to capitalise.  Continuous improvement relies on an ability to critically analyse data, develop useful performance metrics, and put those insights into practice in day to day service delivery.

Organisations in the employment and care sectors, routinely capture data and undertake the performance monitoring required by Government for contracts.  Understandably, there is a temptation to focus heavily, or even exclusively, on contract-based data and performance metrics. This can mean critical insights from data are overlooked or not fully utilised internally to improve operations.

To ensure data is reliable and complete, systems must also be designed to captured critical information from operational workflows. Technology that facilitates customisable workflows and captures data during the course of service delivery is key to success.  Data captured in real time reduces the need for cumbersome parallel systems. Hivetec’s suite of products support this functionality across a wide array of Government contracts and are now available for the disability and care sectors.

To get real value from data, organisations must identify a balanced set of metrics which reflect key business objectives and drivers of performance.  These metrics should go beyond contractual requirements and aim to capture lead indicators for both success and emerging risks, which managers and staff can act on to improve service delivery.  Real-time, visual dashboards are a useful way to make this data meaningful and accessible.

Our next paper explores how organisations can enhance the visibility of their data to analyse trends and lead indicators for business performance. We also explore common aspects of KPI setting in the Human Service Sector, and how technology can aid in the capture, analysis and interpretation of data.

Make the most of the insights available in your data.  Talk to Hivetec today about improving the performance of your business.

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